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Bathroom Remodeling Laredo

Welcome to Bathroom Remodeling Laredo. The very best of bathroom remodeling companies in Laredo.

We are here to assist our customers in any way we can during any part of the remodeling process. Whether you are looking for bathroom remodeling ideas or finishing up the construction phase itself our employees are here for you.

For starters, we are here to help you answer questions you may have as you begin this project. Simple questions like are there any bathroom remodelers near me, how much is a bathroom remodel, who does the best bath remodel in Laredo, or who are the cheapest local Laredo remodeling contractors?

We have answers to all of these questions and more. In fact, we can help you to answer even more questions when you call us today and sign up for your free consultation!

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About Us

Bathroom Remodeling Laredo is on a mission to offer the highest quality services. No matter the stage of remodeling, or service you hire us for.

If you are looking for answers to your questions, small bathroom remodel ideas, or working with us during the actual construction we want to best serve you with quality.

It is important that our employees consistently demonstrate extraordinary customer service. We need you as the customer to trust our opinions and work processes.

If you are hesitant because you had a bad experience in the past with remodeling contractors in Laredo TX, don’t worry. This is one reason we offer a free consultation to all customers. Give us a chance. See for yourself why our customer service is more than satisfactory. All without ever having to pull out your checkbook.

We have served Laredo bathroom remodel customers for years and we are so excited to assist you too. Beginning the process for a bathroom renovation in Laredo TX may seem overwhelming at first. But don’t worry, we are here to help you during each step throughout the entire process.

So whether you are looking for a small bathroom remodel or master bathroom remodel we can help with any size remodel. If you are looking for a more simple project, to begin with, such as a bathroom shower remodel or bathtub remodel our services cover you no matter what your plans.

Why Choose Us?

Bathroom Remodeling Laredo is dedicated to always serving customers with only the very best in customer service. That is one great part of our company that sets us apart from other Laredo bathroom remodeling companies.

Another way we can offer our customers great service is by consistently fighting to keep competitive prices. We fight for a balance between extremely high and too low costs. Either of which can hurt a customer’s satisfaction and approval for their hired company for their bath remodel in Laredo.

To explain further, some bathroom remodeling contractors purposely charge much higher than the average cost of bathroom remodel prices. While you typically get high-quality materials along with expert level work, the overall price is now much higher than you anticipated paying.

Other bathroom remodeling companies can go in the extreme opposite direction and charge much lower than average prices. While this may seem like an absolute steal for bath remodeling in Laredo this can hurt you in the long run.

You see, the cost has to be made up somewhere. So you end up sacrificing cost for perhaps an employee with less experience and the overall presentation may not meet your expectations. The cost can also be made up by using cheap materials such as fixtures and tiles. This can also cause issues for you in the future if a fixture breaks quickly and must be replaced anyway.

This local Laredo bathroom remodel company chooses to keep our prices competitive. We try to meet our customers somewhere in the middle. We offer quality materials, products, and services. All while not charging an insane rate that has you questioning your decision for a remodel.

We believe we are your best choice for bathroom remodeling in Laredo TX. Between our customer service, competitive prices, and quality work.

Call us today for your free consultation to get a sample of our wonderful service for free! We know you will be satisfied with the best bathroom renovation Laredo TX has to offer.

What to Expect

Bathroom Remodeling Laredo wants your expectations to be as clear as possible from the beginning. Whether during your consultation or during the construction process. Here is a small example of what to expect.

We first recommend you do some research before coming in for your scheduled consultation. Look up some pictures in magazines, online websites, or T.V. shows. This will help you decide for yourself what kind of themes, colors, and styles you like and dislike.

At some point, we will need to visit the location to take measurements. We will also want to view the current state of the bathroom and any current issues you may be experiencing that we need to be made aware of. Also, this will be the time to point specifics out to our employee that is visiting you such as moving a wall.

We will also take the time to review some products and materials that we currently have in the store. If we need to order something more specific for you please note that this may delay your initially discussed completion date.

After that, the actual construction will begin. This process can be finished rather quickly depending on the kind of remodel you are looking to complete.

Bathroom Remodeling Services


Full Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodeling Laredo is happy to present our full bathroom remodel service. If you are looking to remodel your entire bathroom, this is a great service. We can help you replace fixtures, add new lights, vanity, and so much more! Inquire about this wonderful service today.


Bath Conversions

If committing to a full bathroom remodel is not a place you are at quite yet then we have another option for you. Perhaps you can look into bath conversion. This simple yet wonderful change to your bathroom can replace that old dull tub and turn it into a shower you cannot wait to spend time in! Choose a new style, tile, and much more with your bath conversion.


Master Bathroom Remodel

If you are fortunate enough to own your home with a master bathroom then you can easily understand how much time you can spend in it. Whether you are getting ready for your day or coming home to relax your master bathroom may be your destination for several hours at a time. So why not design it to fit all of your personal needs and preferences? With new tiles, colors, fixtures, and more you can be enjoying your spare time in the master bathroom of your dreams.


Small Bathroom Remodel

If you have a small bathroom in your home there is a good chance you use it as your guest bathroom. The only problem is you hate sending your guests there! The colors are boring, there isn’t enough counter space and not enough light! Well, Bathroom Remodeling Laredo can help with a small bathroom remodel. Replace those old fixtures with brand new ones. Add some new lighting, and change that dull paint to a wonderful welcoming color.


Walk-in Tubs/Showers.

If you want to replace your tub but find safety to be a recent concern of yours then don’t worry Bathroom Remodeling Laredo offers the best walk-in tubs Laredo has available. Walk-in tubs are a wonderful solution if the high step to get into the tub is a concern. Simply open the watertight door, step over a very low step, and enjoy your bath!


And More!

  • Lighting
  • Backsplash
  • Showerheads
  • Sinks
  • Countertops
  • And much much more!

About Laredo

Laredo is a city in southern Texas, on the Mexican Border. Nearby Lake Casa Blanca International State Park offers trails and a fish-filled lake.

The unemployment rate is 3.9% while the national average is 3.7%. The sales tax rate is 8.3% while the national average is 6.2%.

Surrounding cities include:

  • Nuevo Laredo
  • Ranchos Penitas West
  • La Presa
  • Botines
  • Webb
  • Santo Tomas
  • Rio Bravo
  • Laredo Ranchettes
  • Hidalgo
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

The price of a bathroom remodel has many different factors. The price will change depending on the type of remodel, fixtures, purchased, and other materials like tiles that are used. The best way to get a close estimate is to schedule a time for your free consultation.

Should I plan on having ventilation in my bathroom?

Having a good ventilation system is highly recommended. The reason being, bathrooms are notoriously humid. This is due to the constant steam from hot water being used throughout the day while showering, washing hands, or shaving. Lack of ventilation can lead to very serious issues such as mold problems. It can also ruin paint and even cupboards.

Should I plan on having a lot of light in my bathroom?

Having adequate light in the bathroom is essential. It is especially important above a mirror and shower. If you plan on doing makeup, shaving, or fixing hair in front of your mirror, then you can imagine just how important it is to properly see.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I absolutely love this local Spokane bathroom remodeling company! They were polite, professional, and honestly seemed to really enjoy the work that they do. We started with a consultation and they were very open to listening to my ideas and working hard to make it happen. I am so happy with my new bathroom.

Casey H.

Having an older house, I was worried that my remodel would either not turn out well or not at all. We worked together during the consultation process and they came up with many of the ideas for me for my small bathroom remodel. Bathroom Remodel Spokane was incredibly helpful and professional. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to do a bath remodel in Spokane.

Candace T.

My wife and I had been looking to remodel our master bathroom for quite a few years. Bathroom Remodel Spokane helped us create a wonderful design that exceeded our expectations. In a short amount of time, we had a brand new bathroom that we spend much of our time in. Thank you so much for all of your hard, quality work. You are highly recommended. Next time we need a bathroom remodel you will be the first business we call.

Max N.

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No matter the project you have in mind for your bathroom remodel, Bathroom Remodeling Laredo has you covered. Whether you are looking for a bath conversion, full bathroom remodel, or walk-in tubs we have a service that fits your needs.

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